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 The Computational Reasoning Group @ UF

We study the processes which foster the understanding of computational concepts and their societal applications. Specifically, we focus on creating learning tools and technologies for formative learning environments. 

Our methodology particularly involves exploring the nature and applied aspects of cognition, computation and human behavior in learning contexts. 

What is Computational Reasoning?

Mechanisms which facilitate the mental simulation and prediction ability based on the changes in the definitive computational states is termed as computational reasoning

Selected Projects:

  • YANTRA EDU: A formative quizzing application for programming courses

  • UNISON LIVE: An LTI enabled application to provide automated feedback on programming assignments

  • ANUMAAN: AI-Ethics framework for default reasoning and decision making through crowdsourcing

  • VYAVHAR: Exploring behavioral engagement patterns and their effects on learning

  • Effect of multilingualism on understanding computational concepts

Interested in joining the group?

Apply here: LINK

Current Students


Leslie Harvey

A Computer Engineering major, Leslie is exploring the student engagement, content usage and interaction patterns in a flipped introductory programming class. 


José Alejandro Cabrera

A Computer Science and Linguistics major, José is enthusiastic about studying the differences and similarities between the processes of learning a natural language and a programming language. 


Aeyzechiah Vasquez

A Computer Science senior, Aeyzechiah is working on creating educational tools to foster better  student engagement in CS classes. 

Neelima Mredula Puthanveetil

A Statistics and Mathematics senior, Nema is working on analyzing the use of formative practice by undergraduate students.  

Akshay Ashok

A Computer Science sophomore, Akshay is working on analyzing the effect of quiz submission times on students' performance in CS1 courses.

Former Students


Caleb Wong  (spring-2019)

Caleb is a Statistics and Computer Science major whose research focused on understanding ethical decision making reasoning in algorithms used in autonomous vehicles.  


Caleb O'Malley (2019-20)

Caleb is a Computer Engineering major who is interested in studying the use and effectiveness of ungraded practice problems in introductory programming course. 

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Samia Gilani (2020-21)

Samia is a Computer Science major whose research focuses on studying the cognitive aspects of learning computational reasoning in K-12 students and understanding the effects of submission times on students' academic performance. 


Bhaskar Mishra (2020-21)

A Mathematics and Computer Science major, Bhaskar is working on creating student-behavioral models to support personalized learning. He was one of the finalists in the EAAI Undergraduate Student Research Competition - 2021.

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